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Tipi Stays Support Lakota Youth

Tipi Stays Support Lakota Youth

Tipi Stays - Cultural Tourism

is a youth led social enterprise

of the non-profit group

Lakota Youth Development.


Tipi Stays is a youth led social enterprise of the Native non-profit organization, Lakota Youth Development.

Established in 1992 and located on the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Reservation, Lakota Youth Development (fka Native American Advocacy Program) is a statewide, non-profit, grassroots organization serving persons residing on and off the lands of the tribal nations in South Dakota. 

Our Mission: To reclaim Lakota language, culture and spirituality by promoting education and healthy lifestyles for our youth through culturally based strategies.


We provide weekend youth retreats, summer camps, leadership training and social entrepreneurship.

Our goal is to re-establish and support a Hocoka (Sacred Circle) for the Oyate (people) to facilitate positive direction in their lives through Lakota Language, culture values and spirituality with our horse nation relatives.


Using culturally specific curriculum and strategies, we meet our goal through summer programs, weekend youth retreats, equine life skills training, and our Lakota song, dance and youth society drumming programs. These activities offer the opportunity for: leadership development, social skills development, relationship building, healing from trauma and fear management, all leading toward increased self esteem and confidence.


We have created a conscious continuum of development for our youth. They begin building relationships and trust during weekend retreats.


Our Wolakota camp series allows them to share cultural experiences.


They deepen their cultural involvement through youth societies and retreats.


Through social enterprises which they conceive, lead and operate with Lakota cultural values, they learn practical business and employment skills that help prepare them for financial independence as young adults.

Phone:  605-840-4417
30122  352nd  Ave
Herrick, SD 57538-0277
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