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Authentic Lakota
Traditional Lakota Doll Making



Authentic Tipi Stay Vacation in South Dakota

Tipi Stays South Dakota
TRADITIONAL | Dance | Art | Storytelling
Tipi Stay Vacation in South Dakota
RELAX | Comfortable | Quiet | Safe
Tipi Stays Vacation in South Dakota
EXPLORE | Hiking | Fishing | Riding
Reservation Hunting in South Dakota
HUNTING | Certification | Guided | Upland Birds
Tipi Stay Vacation in South Dakota
Lakota Youth Camp Tipi stays
Your Tipi Stay Patronage Supports
LAKOTA Youth Programs
Staffed by adult mentors, tipistays.com is a Cultural Tourism Enterprise conceived,  led and operated by youth participating in an entrepreneurial and job development program of
the non-profit organization- Lakota Youth Development.
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